Cat’s Eye View of Night (prose poem)

Cat’s Eye View of Night

Low down, up from the ground – faster faster. Tooth and claw, pissing hissing screaming; the city lies dreaming. Night-sight like green daylight, fight or flight; this is what freedom feels like. The four-footed assassin, staking and playing with prey. Stealthy acrobat, sure-footed. No nine lives but the skills to survive. Black coat predator – killing, playing, fucking – fucking any bitch who stands still long enough. Moth-flicker. Hammer-paw. A thousand luminescent eyes in the urban tunnels; friend and foe. A mob war for the streets. No crack or smack but piss, pissing everywhere. Blood on claw. Blood on paw.

Cat Capone – Cat the Ripper – the foxes flee.


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