Together Bears

Together Bears

For Luke, on our 12th anniversary

You’d never have believed you’d be eating onions
as part of almost every meal.
If your 19 year-old self saw you drinking coffee
he would totally ask, what’s the deal?
If I’d told you that curries would be your top choice
you’d have told me my brain was misplaced.
And if I’d said, you’ll be vegan one day,
you’d surely have laughed in my face.

But what could I see, twelve years in the future,
and why would it matter at all?
When the one thing I knew is that we’d be together
holding hands through each rise and each fall.
Through triumphs like defending your thesis,
while so poor we shared one pair of shoes.
For better or worse, it’s a beautiful curse
to know I’ll be right here with  you.


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