Block Limericks

I mainly hang out on a Discord server called The Writers’ Block. Sometimes I write limericks for my friends there. I thought I’d share a few.

@presley likes Trek.

There once was a writer named Presley
thought Trek was the best show on telly
but her face went all hard
at old Captain Pickard
and soft, every time she saw Wesley.

@diebitch (sometimes known as Charu) was moaning about how much poetry she was writing at the sake of her prose.

There once was a poet, Charu
who didn’t quite know what to do,
cause her prose decomposed
with her writing app closed
as her poetry just grew and grew.

@gmuxx told us how much he hated memes. So I wrote this for his birthday.

There once was a writer called Muxx
who made all his posts in a tux
but the thing that was frightning
was his high-class meme writing
that brought in the steem and the bucks.

@bex-dk is Editor in Chief at the Block.

There once was a lady called Bex
who liked to take texts by their necks.
When she gave a crit
she cut through the shit
with a red pen that hanged the suspects.

We had a user come in who @sufknasen caught plagiarising.

There once was a fella named Surf
who kicked a meltboy to the turf.
He came in to hone
work not of his own
and was banned in a torrent of mirth.

@jwswab used to help edit poetry on the block when I first joined. Where you gone, JR?

There once was a fella called Swab
who took up an editing job.
The bad rhymes he’d chide
as the poets all cried
and gave him a punch in the gob.

@jayna was talking about fitness regimes one night.

There once was a woman name Jayna
who hired a physical trainer.
He said, “Walk to get fit!”
She said, “Really? No shit!”
and canceled the scumbag’s retainer.

We’ve been writing a lot of limericks lately in the Poetry Academy at the Block. Last night @nobyeni said she was never writing a limerick again.

A philosopher named Nobyeni
for a whole week wrote limericks aplenty.
So she slammed shut the door
saying, “Limericks no more!”
and on the very next day she wrote twenty.

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